Cutting records is a technology that has been used ever since the early days of vinyl records. After all, records can only be pressed with a cut master disc.

Further development of this technology and the right machinery means that it is now possible to make one-offs of comparable quality and durability (sampletracks) as pressed vinyl discs at affordable prices.

This is done by cutting the groove on an empty disc with a diamond. The records we make (unlike cut acetate discs - often known as "dubplates") are of absolutely the same quality as pressed discs, and thanks to the deep groove they are even better suited to scratching.

However, every record (whether cut or pressed) is a compromise between the length of the recording and the sound quality. That means that the less play time that has to be recorded on one side, the higher the quality and volume.

The following maximum play times are possible:

12" 10" 7"
33rpm: 20 Minutes 33rpm: 15 Minutes 33rpm: 10 Minutes
45rpm: 12 Minutes 45rpm: 12 Minutes 45rpm: 7 Minutes

These are maximum recording times, usual times are to be found under the heading "Prices".
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